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14th November 2013 was a day of wonderful surprises for children of KDAV as Bal Mela was organised with lots of fun and cultural activities, performed by teachers in the morning assembly, followed by exotic games and food stalls, set up by the teachers and other hired vendors of RIL Greens.


Every year, cyber wizards of KDAV take part in the Power Point Competition. This year also, the worthy participants of middles and senior school represented the four houses on 25th November, 2013 at the school gymnasium hall.
In the middle school, the first position was bagged by Abhimanyu house, followed Arjun house in the second position and Karna house in the third position.
In the senior school, the first position was bagged by Abhimanyu house followed by Karna house in the second position, Shravan house in the third position and Arjun house in the fourth position respectively.



One platform was recently laid down for the students of classes VI to XII to show their histrionic skills during the English One-Act Play held on 7th December 2013, whereby the students mesmerised the audience by their wonderful performance.



Every year KDAV celebrates the sports day at the school football ground to mark the event gracefully, for which the preparations are made much in advance. Much to the joy of each student, sports is one of the major events at KDAV. The school has taken special care to celebrate the 17th Annual Sports Day on 23rd December, 2013. Shri. S. S. Saini, site President of R.I.L. was the guest of honour who presided over the function to encourage and motivate the growing Spartans of KDAV. The chief guest unfurled the school flag, giving a short encouraging speech and declared the sports meet open. The function began with the march-past of all the participating students in their respective house dresses. All sports activities, including gymnastics, bamboo drill, Olympic rings, Hoop- la dance, Dragon Dance , and so on were conducted under the supervision of qualified sports teachers of state and national repute.


KDAV holds National Mathematics Day celebration every year. This year also, a magnificent show was organised by the Maths department under the able guidance of Mr. Rushik Dharaiya on 4th January 2014. A lot of interesting spheres of mathematics like geometry, arithmetic, algebra and logical reasoning was covered by the participants of classes 8 to 11 in the show. A skit was also organised by the students to depict a theorem of Euclid. Interesting puzzles were also shown to the audience after every act on interesting topics. An interesting magic square was also shown to the students which was unique and quite different. Also the 11th graders taught their fellow juniors how to trisect an angle using Tomahawk. Hailstone numbers and Kaprekar’s constant were also topics which the inquisitive minds found curious and interesting, and this sharpened the minds and generated sparks in the brains of the students.


Cultural show for the budding stars of classes I to V was organized in the month December’13 and January 2014. The enthusiastic stars of the school, donned in myriad colourful costumes, showcasing their talents, rocked the stage to the jingles of the music with their outstanding performance.


In order to appraise the knowledge of the students of classes 6 to 8, Inter House Quiz was held on 4th January 2014. Abhimanyu House was declared the winner and the runners up were Shravan House and Arjun House securing second and third position respectively.



School celebrated Republic day on 26th January 2014 with the usual éclat and enthusiasm. The national flag was unfurled by the Principal, Mrs.Punita Kanwar. In her address to the gathering she exhorted everyone to follow in precept the universal theme of brotherhood to man and enjoined the gathering to recognize and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.
The chief guest at the RSCC was site president, Shri SS Saini who hoisted the national flag. He traced the history of the circumstances under which the founding fathers of our nation had drafted the constitution. He too urged the pupils of the school to work hard, analyze their talents and succeed in life without forgetting that kindness and consideration to others is also equally important.
The theme of the cultural programme was ‘Bharat bhagya vidhata’ which symbolized the rich metaphorical elements and evocative imagery of the national anthem.